Illustrations and Publication Safe You & Safe Me

Safe You and Safe Me, a happy book written for girls and boys between the ages of 7 and 12 years old, is a tool to train children enabling them to protect themselves from sexual abuse. Several packages were designed to accommodate two books and a CD. The jacket style cover was finalized so that the books interact with kids and could be put prominently on display. The ‘jacket’ design depicts the hidden aspect of violence against children and accommodates a CD inside it.

Sanjay also illustrated characters to facilitate ’acting’, exaggeration and ease of understanding. He took extreme care while specifying (and not specifying) gender and ethnic background. Childlike illustrations and colors were used to attract children into reading the book. Drawing from the real stories told by children about their personal experiences, two comics were woven into the book. Later, the book was translated into 47 languages across the globe.

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