Branding, Brochure and Photography

Nepal Made is an Apparel and Lifestyle produce manufacturing and trading company that stitches together the essence of Nepal’s culture, ethnicity, colors, forms, and its religious richness along with the fashion needs of modern, cosmopolitan, and busy European clientele.

Sanjay designed the branding and logo of Nepal Made, keeping in mind the ‘handicraft’ nature of the products and at the same time making them amply appealing to European folks. The logo shape is arrived at by symbolizing a ‘weave’. The colors of the logo are zeroed down from the colors of most of the products.

Later, Sanjay also designed a brochure for the company. To trap the colors and shapes of Nepal, a team of photographers and models travelled to several historical locations within Nepal. Pictures were chosen based on the variety in the attire and woven into a multilayered interactive brochure by literally weaving several sheets of paper together.