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Sanjay Madnani is a Communication Strategist and Designer by profession, an Animation Film Designer, an illustrator, a cartoonist, a satirist, and a storyteller by passion.

From a cartoonist in Hindi newspapers, to a design student, to a commercial sector professional, to an educator, to a Development Communication professional, his journey has had dramatic turns. None, however, felt alien to him.

Being a development sector insider for twenty odd years, Sanjay weighs heavily on the fact that development and governance still has a enormous void to be filled by design, design thinking and design process. Focused on Communication for Development (C4D), Social and Behavioral Change Communication (SBCC), Indigenous media and new media, he has multiple crosscutting projects across the globe to his credit.

Sanjay resides in Nepal, calls India his home, then again, he travels around a lot for work.

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Research and Design- Soil Health Card

Bhoochetana, meaning revival of the land, involves soil health mapping, nutrient recommendations and support to farmers was launched in Odisha by The Department of Agriculture. Through this initiation the soil analysis, nutrient management recommendations and treatment were to be shared with farmers. This helped increase productivity through improved practices. The state has 4.35 million farmers, and it was a tough task to make a proper applicable communication and record keeping system between the government and farmers.

Sanjay was contracted to first field test the then current Soil Health Card in the states of Orissa and Bihar, in India and then redesign the cards keeping in mind the actual usability, storage and longevity, the synchrony with digital platforms, the information architecture, the language used, and the accuracy of information provided in the cards.

Sanjay travelled extensively within Orissa and Bihar states and investigated how these cards were being issued and used. Drawing from the observations, he created several alternative designs for the ease of printing, storing and the cards being actually useful for the farmers. These options were then field tested, and the most appropriate design implemented.

ICRISAT, CGIAR, IFPRI, Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare and implementation

Bihar, Odisha, India