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Sanjay Madnani is a Communication Strategist and Designer by profession, an Animation Film Designer, an illustrator, a cartoonist, a satirist, and a storyteller by passion.

From a cartoonist in Hindi newspapers, to a design student, to a commercial sector professional, to an educator, to a Development Communication professional, his journey has had dramatic turns. None, however, felt alien to him.

Being a development sector insider for twenty odd years, Sanjay weighs heavily on the fact that development and governance still has a enormous void to be filled by design, design thinking and design process. Focused on Communication for Development (C4D), Social and Behavioral Change Communication (SBCC), Indigenous media and new media, he has multiple crosscutting projects across the globe to his credit.

Sanjay resides in Nepal, calls India his home, then again, he travels around a lot for work.

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Design, Illustrations, Publication Rocket Stove Dryer

Black-Cardamom is among Nepal’s prime cash crops. However, back then, farmers lost a lot of income for two reasons. One, the Cardamom drying techniques are primitive. Two, to transport fresh Cardamom, the farmers had to spend a lot of money. SNV Nepal partnered with Research Centre for Applied Science and Technology (RECAST) at Tribhuwan University to develop technology for making a ‘Rocket Stove Dryer’ to dry Black Cardamom efficiently and to increase the income of the farmers. However, training farmers to build the Rocket Stove Dryer was challenging, as many farmers were illiterate.

SNV, Netherlands Development Organization, approached Sanjay to find ways to teach farmers to construct the dryer easily with locally available material. After several visits to the pilot dryer, Sanjay came up with a well-illustrated manual with the help of which farmers could make a Rocket Stove Dryer at their farm even if they were illiterate. He used 3D modelling to determine the exact proportions and process of making the dryer. The book has user- interactivity for easy access to individual lessons and is printed in an innovative size to economize printing costs.

SNV- Netherlands Development Organization