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Sanjay Madnani is a Communication Strategist and Designer by profession, an Animation Film Designer, an illustrator, a cartoonist, a satirist, and a storyteller by passion.

From a cartoonist in Hindi newspapers, to a design student, to a commercial sector professional, to an educator, to a Development Communication professional, his journey has had dramatic turns. None, however, felt alien to him.

Being a development sector insider for twenty odd years, Sanjay weighs heavily on the fact that development and governance still has a enormous void to be filled by design, design thinking and design process. Focused on Communication for Development (C4D), Social and Behavioral Change Communication (SBCC), Indigenous media and new media, he has multiple crosscutting projects across the globe to his credit.

Sanjay resides in Nepal, calls India his home, then again, he travels around a lot for work.

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Design and Animation- Gujarati Master Interactive Learning

Sanjay moved to Ahmedabad to start a 2D digital animation unit in a media company. Growing out of an animator role, Sanjay for the first time took up the central role of a director doing everything from conceptualizing, researching, content development, information architecture, interactivity design, story development, infographics, character design, animation, to client servicing and managing the project.

The school-going, computer educated, second/third generation young Gujaratis in the western world were increasingly drifting away from their language and culture. This created a void and thus a business opportunity that needed to be filled and harvested.

This interactive, entertaining, game-based CDROM aimed to fill the void of linguistic knowledge amongst the second and third-generation Gujarati NRIs in Europe and America. Sanjay thoroughly studied the daily spoken Gujarati language and the Gujarati script with the help of local language experts and hired a primary school Gujrati teacher to learn the formation of words and pronunciation. Then, a course was structured into easily flowing chapters from English to Gujarati. The games were designed and placed to test the user at the end of every lesson.

Synapse Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Ahmedabad, India