Design and Direction, Interactive CD, Violence Against Women and Girls in South Asia, UNICEF, ROSA, Nepal

Interactive Training Software

Client: UNICEF- Regional Office South Asia (ROSA),Kathmandu, Nepal

May, 2005

Skills Involved: Graphics and Illustrations, Information Architecture, User Interface Design

The United Nations Secretary-General’s Study on Violence against Children estimated that every year between 41 and 88 million children in South Asia witness violence at home – the highest regional total in the world. Evidence also shows that half of the world’s child brides live in South Asia and that around 44 million children are engaged in child labour in the region. Sexual abuse and exploitation, as well as child trafficking and corporal punishment are also major concerns for countries in South Asia.

The interactive CDROM was aimed at training the local officers of UNICEF in understanding, preventing and /or helping the victims’ post- trauma.

The project required me to sensitize myself to the gender issues in Asia. Extreme care was taken with the kind of photographs published and the interactivity was kept very basic and simple considering the diverse age groups and cultural sensitivities of the users and the quality of computers available to the trainers.

May 19, 2005 Himalayan Techies

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