Direction, Documentary, Thought for Food, SNV, Nepal

Documentary Film

Client: SNV- Netherlands Development Organisation, Nepal

February, 2010

Skills Involved: Creative Direction, Storytelling/Visual Scripting

This quickly made (over 1 week) documentary presents the unique case of rapid economic uplift in a apple growing remote area of Humla –Nepal due to development of marketing strategy and distribution system by SNV. The research was done over a one hour flight, script was developed overnight, footage shot over following three days at location, the narration was written on the flight back and editing was done over following two days in Kathmandu.

The film was conceptualized and shot simultaneously to work towards a tight deadline. Graphics/ animations were used to help explain the processes. Script was written to assist convincing of future donors. Storytelling was used as a tool of establishing human connection with the viewers.

January 29, 2015 Himalayan Techies

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