Design and Direction, Interactive Digital Training Program, The Market for Responsible Tourism Products, SNV, Nepal

Animated Interactive Information Software

Client: SNV- Netherlands Development Organisation, Nepal

September, 2009

Skills Involved: Graphics and Illustrations, Information Architecture, Project Coordination/Management, User Interface Design

The interactive CDROM aimed at travel agents and experts to provide a complete and comprehensive information package for them to study in depth the travel trends and possibilities in Nepal and South-America in order to further their business.

I restructured the content for the CDROM, which originally was written in the form of a book.  Changes were made to suit the interactivity and freedom of choice that a CDROM offers. I also researched the most commonly used visuals and symbols that relate to tourism across the globe which had visually attractive overall esthetics. In otherwise tedious text, I added several interactive elements to give the user a sense of control and participation. The otherwise tedious information has been re- architected to suit access and flow. To keep the user interested, interactive maps and exciting animations have been used.

May 14, 2015 Himalayan Techies

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