Strategy, Design, Illustrations and Training Tools, Sexual Health Intervention Program, APSA, India

Small Group Sexual Health Intervention/ Prevention Trainers’ Training Material

Client: Association for Promoting Social Action(APSA), Bangalore, India

January, 2009

Skills Involved: Behavioural Change Communication Strategy , Graphics and Illustrations, Information Architecture, Products and Toys – Design and Production, Publication – Design and Production, Training and Workshop

The project identified possible risk and protective factors in street children in India, and translated these results into a comprehensive, counselling and life-skills based, small-group intervention/prevention program. I was taken in as a consultant to turn this intervention program into a locally produced, cost – effective, long-lasting, repairable and easily transportable toolkit that is user-friendly and pleasant.

First thing first, it was important to understand the street children’s communication ways, their acceptance of sometimes explicit information, and their readiness to discussing their sex life. Second, to make the toolkit easily and economically re-producible, it was essential to research local crafts (for toys, board games, puppets and the ’toolkit-box’).

I travelled around with in Karnataka to find most appropriate crafts and artisans who will provide additional toolkits in future at a reasonable price. Based on artisan’s advantages and limitations, I set on to design the training manuals toys, board games, puppets and the toolkit box.

I lived with street children holding several workshops, playing games, etc. and drew the overall aesthetics of the toolkit from the children’s life, the colours they used, their cloths (sometimes absence of it), and their sense of humour. The characterization of the puppets was done on the basis of the most average characteristics and most popular amongst the children. Children’s depiction of their sexual life and the related matters was used in 32 exercise books that explained the intervention program to the trainers.



May 21, 2015 Himalayan Techies

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