Strategy, Design and Animation, Promotional Films for Electoral Participation, Election Commission of India

Five Animated Short Promotional Films
Client: Election Commission of India
February, 2014

The awareness films were aimed at encourage citizens to vote without fear, temptations and corruption. This synchronized series of 5 animation short films was also aimed at getting most number of voters to the polling booths. Voters that do not choose to vote for any of the contesting candidates were also encouraged to participate by pressing ‘Non-Of-The-Above ’.

I took off from a popular folk art form -‘Worli’ and developed it further to suit the communication needs. The films needed to not have a voiceover or dialogues (to address a larger audience of multi-lingual Indian society). Names of the characters were designed to avoid any religious, political or cultural association. For Example the Mother is called Ma, the Father, Pa etc. Music played a key role in communicating emotions and moods, thus I designed the sound after detailed storyboarding and before animating. Later animation was timed to sync with music.

May 3, 2015 Himalayan Techies

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