Project Design and Management, Indigenous Media, ICIMOD/Ford Foundation, Nepal

Behavioral Change Communication Strategy and Design

Client: ICIMOD, Kathmandu, Nepal/ Ford Foundation

December, 2002 – January, 2006

Aimed at improving communication methodologies between development organizations and target communities in the Greater Himalayan region, the project was to examine and promote the use of traditional media for passing on relevant information to grassroots communities.

Indigenous Media being a pilot project, I needed to exercise careful judgement in selecting project sites and partners that could provide a representative sample of the Greater Himalayan region. Market conditions, attitudes, cultures, languages, Indigenous Media, abilities of NGOs and institutions were the basis for selecting partners and sites. Having zeroed into the apt partners, I trained partners in creating Indigenous Media prototypes, visual communication, composition, storytelling, entertainment, Problem solving, acting, puppet making, prop making, helped in documenting the proceeding of the project and create their own AM prototypes and disseminate them. At the head-office, I checked the possibilities of replication of Indigenous Media process and prototypes and assessed the response/impact/reactions. Later, I held workshops to see future course for Indigenous Media efforts and to write proposals. For future similar efforts, I defined and documented Process Design of Indigenous Media production with sensitivity towards cultures, languages, religions and issues.

May 28, 2015 Himalayan Techies

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