Design, Direction and Production, Puppet Show, UNICEF, Nepal

Puppet Theatrical Presentation

Client: UNICEF, Country Office, Kathmandu, Nepal 

Nov 2007

Skills Involved: Creative Direction, Products and Toys – Design and Production, Puppetry and Theater – Design and Production, Storytelling/Visual Scripting

HIV positive children from age 5 to 12 were trained by me to tell their story through a Puppet show on world AIDS day 2007. I sensitized myself with HIV+ children at their special home and learnt more about AIDS from the staff there. Having learnt the ’dos and do-nots’ and once the children were at ease with me, I went about asking them to tell their stories. From these stories a common story was picked up and worked upon to give out a message.

Next, I went around Kathmandu to find material that could be used to make puppets and researched several ways of making puppets. These puppets were then designed in such a way that the children could play them easily. Children were trained in acting, and thus making puppets act. Extreme care was taken to hide these children’s identity and a puppet show was presented by them in front of a mass gathering on World AIDS Day.

March 12, 2015 Himalayan Techies

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