Poster Designs

Design and Illustrations of Poster, Wash Program, UNICEF, Head Quarters, USA

Poster Designs Client: UNICEF, Head Quarters, New York, USA August, 2013 WASH in Schools fosters social inclusion and individual self-respect. By offering an alternative to the stigma and marginalization associated with hygiene issues, it empowers all students – and especially encourages girls and female teachers. In recognition of the positive […]

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Design and Illustrations, Posters, HIgh Impact Tourism Training, SNV, Nepal

The HITT program provided informal sector workers – especially women, young people and the unskilled and semi-skilled – with market-oriented, vocational training. Enhanced skill levels enable such workers to gain better job positions, higher wages and greater employment security. At the same time they develop the know-how and contacts to capitalize on opportunities and help grow the sector in which they work, in a sustainable and pro-poor way.

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Poster Designs, ICIMOD, Nepal

Poster Designs Client: ICIMOD, Lalitpur, Nepal May, 2005 Skills Involved: Graphics and Illustrations, Publication – Design and Production The Hindu Kush Himalayan region has experienced great changes in the past five years, with rapid population growth, economic development, urbanization, and high rates of out-migration and consequent feminization of rural activities. In […]

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Sanjay Madnani