Interactive Training Software

Strategy, Design, Illustrations and Training Tools, Interactive CD, Basic Health Supply Management, NFHP, Nepal

Interactive Training Software Client : Ministry of Health- Nepal Family Health Program, Government of Nepal, Kathmandu, Nepal March, 2011 Training large numbers of health workers in classroom settings nationwide in Nepal requires huge funding and district managers are more reluctant to send service providers and storekeepers away from their jobs […]

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Design and Direction, Interactive CD, Violence Against Women and Girls in South Asia, UNICEF, ROSA, Nepal

Interactive Training Software Client: UNICEF- Regional Office South Asia (ROSA),Kathmandu, Nepal May, 2005 Skills Involved: Graphics and Illustrations, Information Architecture, User Interface Design The United Nations Secretary-General’s Study on Violence against Children estimated that every year between 41 and 88 million children in South Asia witness violence at home – the highest […]

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Sanjay Madnani