Design and Illustrations, High Impact Tourism Training, SNV, Nepal

Training Mechanisms and Delivery Tools Client: SNV-Netherlands Development Organisation,Kathmandu, Nepal June, 2012 The HITT program provided informal sector workers – especially women, young people and the unskilled and semi-skilled – with market-oriented, vocational training. Enhanced skill levels enable such workers to gain better job positions, higher wages and greater employment security. At the […]

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Direction, Documentary, Thought for Food, SNV, Nepal

Documentary Film Client: SNV- Netherlands Development Organisation, Nepal February, 2010 Skills Involved: Creative Direction, Storytelling/Visual Scripting This quickly made (over 1 week) documentary presents the unique case of rapid economic uplift in a apple growing remote area of Humla –Nepal due to development of marketing strategy and distribution system by SNV. […]

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Story and Direction, Tele-Series, Maya and Max, DANIDA, Nepal

Television Series Client: Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA), Kathmandu, Nepal January, 2011 Skills Involved: Character Design, Creative Direction, Project Coordination/Management, Storytelling/Visual Scripting, Training and Workshop The 12 episode TV serial was based on Maya and Max’s life and their interface with local children while on their trip to several parts of […]

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Design and Illustrations, Publication, Basic Tourism Training, GHT, SNV, Nepal

Publication Design Client: The Great Himalayan Trail Development Programme(GHTDP), SNV- Netherlands Development Organisation, Nepal June, 2010 The Great Himalaya Trail Development Programme (GHTDP) along with District Development Committee, Tourism Development Committee (Govt) and Nepal Trust and local NGOs provided skills training to local mountain communities in Nepal. With an aim […]

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Publication Design, International Center for Transitional Justice, Nepal

Publication Design Client: International Centre for Transitional Justice, Lalitpur, Nepal August, 2011 Skills Involved: Graphics and Illustrations, Information Architecture, Publication – Design and Production, This Trainer’s Manual on Transitional Justice was created by the International Center for Transitional Justice to support decentralization of transitional justice discussion and to strengthen civil society […]

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Brochure and Photography, Nepal Made, Switzerland

Brochure Client: Nepal Made Pvt. Ltd., Switzerland September, 2011 Nepal Made is an Apparel and Lifestyle produce manufacturing and trading company that stitches together the essence of Nepal’s culture, ethnicity, its colors and forms, and its religious richness along with the fashion needs of modern, cosmopolitan and busy European clientele. […]

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Sanjay Madnani