I  assume you landed up here from one of the social/work networks, digital or otherwise, where you met me or my link and either I couldn’t explain what all I do or you couldn’t ‘fit-in’ what I can do for you. Don’t worry; you DO need me if you did manage to come all the clicks away.

On your left, under my abstract handsomer-then-real picture graphic, you read my name and my narcissistic self-designation ‘Design Consultant’. Most of the people from my tribe are tempted to call themselves a ‘graphic designer’, a ‘film designer’, a ‘product designer’ etc., but if you are a true blood designer, you are just that, a designer.

Our tribe tends to propagate the idea that ‘design’ is an innovative/creative problem solving process. Thus, how can a design be a product, a film or a graphic? A design is a solution where to assist using that solution one ‘also’ makes a tool as an aftermath/ by-product that can be a film, theater, product or a graphic. Or anything that may not have been yet imagined. It is also true that specific ‘kind’ of designer tend to come up with solutions that are within their comfort zone. Or sign up to solve ‘design problems’ that WILL fall within their panorama of ease.

I’m no exception. But I have been trying to keep doors open for all present and new future design tools to assist the solutions for the design problems I am entrusted with. Hence, at times, an illustrated graphic representation of a process of, say, a farmer drawing a circle around a tree, may compel me to invent the technique first.  When I suggest to a farmer to use a bio-gas plant to purify palm-oil, I may have to quickly think up of the available local material with which she can make one, design it for her, and illustrate it. To explain subtler details, A staged drama with actors may need me to integrate shadow puppetry. Similarly, designing training material for a HIV awareness programme may also make me half-gratified, if I do not design a piece of furniture to package it, store it, and carry it.

Considering the crosscutting nature of my work and of any ‘design’ task, we have made an attempt to illustrate that through its navigation in this website. So go ahead and click around and feel free to ask anything.


Sanjay Madnani